Personal Public Relations
Everything is political.
Meeting your media needs quickly, smoothly, and with confidence.

Call us at 858-324-1717 when time is short and results are needed.  We are a "no-hype" public relations firm, ahead of the curve since 1999.  One quick example.

In an age of biased media abandoning journalism; on November 15, 2016; the Oxford Dictionary released, "Post-Truth" as the "Word of the Year" stating, "The term refers to a version of reporting and campaigning where appealing to emotions is more important than factual accuracy."

We love bragging about clients, but our brags are based on their work as Personal Public Relations is based on, reality.  Plus, journalism.

Journalism being separate from "media."

We also perform oppositional research for individuals, attorneys, and corporations in a variety of areas.

However, as news gathering methods changed, we utilize social media in a way to assist reporters find the right sources, as well as being able to get, some pretty great scoops.  

Additionally, our tweets have resulted reporters featuring people we suggest in the Washington Post and the (sadly missed) California Lawyer, which is why we prefer Tweeting directly to reporters rather than using Facebook.

Reporters and producers listen because - our well-researched tips produce good TV and print journalism.   Again, media and journalism are, increasingly, separate.  We find (refreshingly) people prefer journalism.

Our tips have also resulted in cover stories in legal and general readership newspapers; and our oppositional work has also been effective...because we do a comparative analysis

Bonus:  We practice a type of organic, search engine optimization that never violates Google rules.

From writing your story, (our press releases turn into novels) we can recognize one; which is half the battle.

Our pricing is competitive and our response time is, legendary. (Contact us for details on that.) 

We won't waste a reporter's time (or ours) with hype. We work with the best because it's simpler that that way.

For attorneys:  We educate them as to the changing face of media and how best to address the 15 second news cycle.  Our goal is to educate media about your skills, your work, and your most interesting cases and results.

For litigants -  the same.  Also important?  We insist on having fun while doing our job.

Occasionally when needed, we separately profile areas of law - such as family court - the one field that is almost religiously, ignored. 

Our print and online media management efforts on behalf of our clients is extensive.

Our clients are featured in the NY Times, CNN, and national print publications, because we are pro-active with reporters in their area of expertise. Again, if time is limited and the issue is on the line, we are who you call when seconds count.  We also know better to tell reporters anything we can't back up.  That's why some call us a "no-hype publicist." 

We pickup the slack when your firm too large to attend to your specific, marketing and online media relations needs.  We save larger firms from missing out while their in-house people worked to launch, slower moving campaigns.

This is prudent given news cycles now occur in Twitter time. Meanwhile our clients have been quoted or featured on TMZ  and RadarOnline, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Politico

(Although when it's a light topic, such as The New Rules of Flirting...we're just as apt to be quoted in the Wall Street Journal, as we were on November 13, 2012 in an article titled the same).
Simply put:  in-house personnel are relieved not to be pulling double-duty online. Realistically, personal public media relations is simply the more organic solution. Choosing us means you've opted for a more focused solution for your bricks and motor, online and real-time needs.  Problem solved. We've been successfully addressing the media needs of individuals and companies for 15 years, routinely breaking stories that scooped print and television networks. 

Exactly why reporters listen when we call with story ideas involving client needs. Our unparalleled service, our competitive pricing, and overall value are why our loyal clients turn to us time and time again. We look forward to serving you. Our rapid response might first surprise you. But that's exactly what personal service is about.   Last, we never, miss an opportunity to brag about Lee Russ
ell.  Which sometimes annoys him.)

And, just like our friend below -- --  we do things a little differently. 

tumblr hit counter

We have busted out more than a few Exclusives, including national events.  However,  we happily slide them over to whomever is our favorite reporter at the time.  The goal being not to take credit, but to get the job done.  We also like reporting good news, such as case results.

But p
ublic relations is much more than a campaign of

                "Ain't he grand!

While a good media relations specialist backs up their claims with facts and insights, mindful of a reporter's ever-grinding deadline; an online media specialist does all that, faster.

We likewise perform oppositional research; is increasingly important as reporters appreciate tips from real sources.  Not ready-made news, from fake news bureaus

Our clients regularly appear on air as well and in local and reputable national publications.

Also, there are times when a client wishes to remain anonymous, while making sure a matter is addressed.

That is the essence of "oppositional research" and our research skills and rapid response in that area remain unsurpassed. 

In other words,

Some parades should get rained out.
As no one really wants to head up the head up the "crisis management team"  the whole idea of on-line management is to prevent disaster. 

However, in cases when a disaster is not preventable - the next step is always; mitigate.  We mitigate very well.    
And when it comes to mitigation innovation, we hold the pencil that draws the learning curve.